Finally On Our Way

As we drove away from San Diego early on July 28th for the last time in the foreseeable future, it was with mixed emotions. Sadness at leaving a city that has been an integral part of our lives for so many years with many happy memories and good friends, we had to remind ourselves again, why are we leaving? But we are not leaving, as in running away. This journey, no matter where it takes us, at its core has never really been about going away from San Diego. It’s been about moving towards: the adventure, new experiences, and embracing the unknown.

Side note: Despite the exorbitant housing prices in San Diego, we will be able to return at some point if we so choose, as we still own a condo rental property.

It’s been a long time since we posted (we will be on a more regular schedule going forward), but now we want to recap what’s been going on during the last couple of months.

When we approached the middle of June with the house still on the market, it appeared that we were going to be around until at least the middle of July. Then everything changed in a flash. We accepted an offer which had a three week closing. No problem, lots of time, however it really wasn’t because over the course of this sale process, we had been in and out of escrow four times. Which means that we really couldn’t start packing and disposing of belongings until the contingencies were removed 10 days after the offer was accepted. Once they were removed, we had ten days to get everything done. Yikes! It was a crazy 10 days, we made it, but just barely. Over the last week in the house, some of our things (mostly sentimental) went into the BigBox (a less expensive and more flexible competitor to PODS) sitting in our driveway.

All that’s left in San Diego

Ann auditioning for Big Box’s next media buy











Friends, family, and neighbors took some, and (as mentioned in a previous post) we had the opportunity to provide for a Syrian Refugee family sponsored by one of Ann’s coworkers. The rest went to various charities, and a free sale that we held. Who knew that we had accumulated so much stuff?! At one point on move out day, we were one room ahead of the house cleaner, clearing the last remnants out as fast as we could, before she caught up. Have we fully embraced the minimalist lifestyle? Well…not exactly… We have spent the past few years touting to our friends that we only travel carry on and then we show up at our friends’, Art and Ellie, house (who graciously allowed us to stay with them for two weeks in July) with two cars stuffed to the gills. Oops! Paraphrasing 12 Step programs, it’s about progress not perfection.

We thought that after leaving the house things would calm down. It hasn’t quite worked out that way. The last month has been a blur.

  • Seeing all of our San Diego friends one last time for a while.
  • Visiting two Arizona mountain towns with Ian’s parents.

    Pasture Trail – Overgaard, AZ

    Fence Line Trail – Overgaard, AZ

    Springs Trail – Pinetop, AZ

  • Visiting Ann’s brother and nieces in Sonoma County.
  • Getting married by Ann’s niece in Sonoma County in The Grove of The Old Trees.
  • Spending a couple of days wandering around San Francisco, one of favorite cities in the world.
  • Buying a rental house outside Phoenix. More on this in a future post.
  • Attending a wonderful bon voyage party.
  • Selling Ann’s car.
  • Last minute doctor visits.
  • Arranging for, deciding which ones, and getting our travel shots. A shout out to Wellness Mart in San Diego for their excellent job explaining our options.

As we sit here at Ian’s parent’s house outside Phoenix, Colorado beckons in 2 short days, and as before there is too much to do in too short a time. From here the first part of our adventure begins! Yay! A two month road trip! Then on to Guatemala to learn Spanish!

Ian & Ann

9 thoughts on “Finally On Our Way

  1. Robin

    Congrats on the wedding and finally embarking on your new adventure! I’m looking forward to following your travels and living vicariously through you!

    1. Ian Ann Post author

      Hi Robin, thanks for the well wishes, loving the scenery and weather here in Pagosa Springs. Lack of cell service not so much, but learning to embrace it.

  2. Karen Kukuk

    Thanks for the update and the pictures! How about more of the wedding? More than your hands!
    Keep posting and we will follow in our hearts.
    Love, Karen & JIm

    1. Ian Ann Post author

      Hi Karen,
      We didn’t think anyone would be interested in more wedding photos, guess we were wrong. We will send you a Dropbox link to all the wedding photos.

  3. Susan D Westphall

    Ian and Ann
    We are so excited for you! Can you post a simple “list” of your itinerary and possible dates? I’d like to just have it in a list so I can keep track in where you are when I think of you! Can’t wait to see you in MI…wish you were staying longer with us though!
    Love, Sue & Greg

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