Trip Preparation Continues

A quick check-in so our readers don’t think we have fallen off the face of the earth or gasp, given up on our adventure. The past month has been taken up mostly with the mundane tasks of getting ready for departure.

  • Getting the house ready for sale.
  • Listing the house and dealing with the whole sales process. We went into escrow on one of the offers, but it fell out last Friday so the house is back on the market again. In retrospect, it probably was a good thing because it will allow us a little more breathing room on moving.
  • We were fortunate to be able to help out a refugee family. Quite a few of the household items that we were getting rid of have found a new home.
  • Ian is finishing up his last project. Initially he hoped that it would be finished by June/July when we leave San Diego, but it might drag on a little longer. The company has been notified that he will only be available until September 30th – let’s get it finished.
  • Ann has notified her school that she will be retiring at the end of the school year.
  • We took a two-week planned spring break trip to Hawaii. Six days in Waikiki and 9 days in Maui. When we started planning our year away, we considered canceling the Hawaii trip but realized that it will be our last visit there for awhile. We have been going at least once a year since 2009. While the trip was great and very relaxing, it was also a little melancholy. If money was no object, Hawaii would be our top retirement destination. But money is an object, and Hawaii makes San Diego seem a bargain. Maybe a good thing or we wouldn’t be embarking on this adventure.


Where do we go from here? Once the house sells we will know when we will be leaving San Diego. We will have a post on why we decided to sell our house rather than rent it out for a year and how we are going to fund this adventure including our planned multiple streams of income.


In the meantime enjoy some pictures from our recent Hawaii trip.

View From Room In Waikiki

View From Maui Room

Sunset On Our Favorite Maui Beach

Kama’ole Beach Park 1 (Second Home)


18 thoughts on “Trip Preparation Continues

  1. Araceli L.

    So excited to hear about THE journey!
    The Lopez family is cheering you on and will be rooting for both of you along the way!

  2. Rachel Anderson

    Bob sent me your blog…I love it! I will be following because I am determined to one day move my family overseas. 🙂 Enjoy your adventure, and keep us posted! -Rachel Anderson

  3. Yvette

    Love the blog, I feel like I’ll be with you on your journey! I’m looking forward to all our adventures!

    1. Ian Ann Post author

      Apologies for the delay, it’s been kind of crazy around here. The house closes tomorrow. Happy to have you along on our adventures. Looking forward to seeing you in September.

    1. Ian Ann Post author

      Great to have you following us! Will miss you too, especially your passion. Let the adventure begin.


  4. Kate Bower

    I am eagerly looking forward to reading your adventures. If you’re travels bring you back in San Diego, let me know, we’ll squeeze you into a theater. Hugs

    1. Ian Ann Post author

      Hi Kate, great that you are going to be following us. While we are excited about our adventure, we are sad to leave the San Diego theater community (at least temporarily).

  5. Jerry

    Ian, Ann,

    Wishing you an exciting and wonderful adventure. We look forward to following and sharing in it here. God bless.

    Jerry and Evelyn Lopez (11380)

  6. Karen Kish

    Wishing you Happy Holidays wherever you will be for Christmas/New Year. Keep the posts coming. Love to read and see real people perspectives of places I’ve only heard about and have not had the pleasure to visit in person.

    1. Ian Ann Post author

      Hi Karen,
      Wishing you Happy Holidays too, we’ll be in Medellin, Colombia. We appreciate your comment about the real people perspective as that’s what we’re aiming for.
      Ian & Ann

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