Why Follow Us

  • You are our family and friends and want to keep up with us.
  • You want to get a ringside seat as we figure out and maneuver through all the pre-launch steps.
  • You are wondering what could possibly prompt someone to want to do such a wackadoo thing, and you want to follow along with our adventures and misadventures.
  • You have thought about doing a similar adventure but can’t spare the time right now or maybe have any number of real or imagined excuses.
  • You are curious about the idea of living overseas but are overwhelmed, just as we are, by all of the choices.
  • You wonder if it’s really true that many of these expat destinations will cost you less to live comfortably compared to staying home.
  • You are curious about the specifics of how much it will cost to tackle this kind of adventure.
  • You want to get an idea of how to integrate travel hacking and perhaps timeshare usage into full-time traveling.
  • You want a consistent perspective across multiple expat destinations from people who are seasoned budget travelers and are not trying to sell conferences, real estate, or legal services, or anything else. (Disclaimer: We did obtain some valuable and useful information form these people.)

Yes, of course, we will have some bias, but we will attempt to report as objectively as possible. We are able to even consider this adventure due to the many who have gone before us and shared their experiences, and we hope to pay it forward.